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California Golf Carbon Project

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California Golf Carbon Project - Image of a golf course in California

Golfpreserves®, the California Alliance for Golf, and the California Turf and Landscape Foundation today announces the initiation of the California Golf Carbon Project, a project that will develop a carbon emissions data collection system as well as document the carbon sequestered at participating golf courses.

The project is a partnership between Golfpreserves®, the California Alliance for Golf, and the California Turf and Landscape Foundation, and is supported by Audubon International as well as the International Sustainability Council. Research partners participating in the development of the project include University of California Riverside and the USDA-ARS.

The project is modeled after the successful Colorado Golf Carbon Project, by representing a partnership between a diverse group of representatives within the golf industry and research entities with these objectives to accomplish:

The core objective of the California Carbon Project is twofold:

  • To develop a carbon emission and carbon sequestration data collection system for golf courses of California. Results documenting the total carbon effects of sequestration and emissions will be published in a peer-reviewed journal publication.
  • To document the sequestered carbon at California's golf facilities on an annual basis and create marketable certificates, thus creating a self-sustaining funding mechanism for this and future projects aimed at improving conservation and environmental stewardship at golf facilities.

The creation of this project has been a joint effort spearheaded by the California Alliance for Golf, the California Turf and Landscape Foundation and Golfpreserves®.

"California's allied golf associations believe that resources from a diverse group of stakeholders make the California Golf Carbon Project an undertaking that will provide valuable environmental information. There is no doubt that the information generated by this project will have a lasting impact on the management of energy, water and other environmental issues encountered by golf courses and other businesses in California and throughout the United States," says Ted Horton of the California Alliance for Golf.

The California Golf Carbon Project is also supported by Audubon International and the International Sustainability Council.


The California Golf Carbon Project

Download and view the presentation which talks about the California Golf Carbon Project


California Golf Carbon Project Agreement (PDF)